CJ-5299 Tethered Gas Cap (Gas)


  • Outside Diameter:
  • Inside Diameter:
  • Vented:
  • Finish:Zinc Plate
  • Gasket Material:
  • Gasket Part Number:
  • Stamping:No
  • Stamping Type:n/a
  • Chain:No
  • Chain Part Number:n/a
  • Padlock:No
  • Dipstick:No
  • Dipstick Length:n/a
  • Dipstick Part Number:n/a


Designed to provide a positive pressure seal up to 24.5kPa with an allowable leak rate of no more than 10 cc/min.  This cap does have a pressure relief valve and that valve will start to open between 24.5 kPa and 34.5 kPa and should be full open by around 40 kPa and flowing hundreds of lpm. This cap will allow make up air into the tank in a negative pressure situation.  The vacuum valve is designed to open between -7 kPa and -10.5 kPa.

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